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There's no denying the fact that mobile games are becoming more and more popular to the point that its revenues are going to overtake console games in no time. In fact, console developers are even thinking about focusing more on mobile gaming these days which is more lucrative today given the in-app purchases as well as ad revenues. Below are the reasons why this happens. Read more great facts on Flappy Balls, click here. 


First of all, mobile gaming is far different from console gaming because it basically do not need a console, TV, controller and even game disc which makes it exactly more, well, mobile - since you can enjoy them anywhere as it is portable. With smartphones becoming more and more lighter, smaller, and even faster in processing, being portable is exactly the very thing what would make games successful. Games nowadays are even getting a lot smarter and even a lot more logical and not just mindless racing games. For more useful reference regarding Hill, have a peek here. 


Playing mobile games is what makes people relax and have fun mostly in their free and a lot of them would look at it as the best way to kill time most especially if they're on their way to work or home after a really stressful day. You might have also notices how games are becoming even more socializing because it now allows you to compete with your friends or even random people you do not know to have a healthy competition. As a matter of fact, there are quite a lot of explanations as to why people would choose playing mobile games, but the main reasons is that all these are simply enjoyable. There are games that might even get you easily hooked up that it sticks in your head begging you to play more.


In case you don't know it yet, mobiles games can also be the first source of learning for your child aside from it being fun to play. There are a huge number of games out there that can improve a person's knowledge as these are interactive unlike some schools. Given the fact that kids nowadays own devices such as smartphones, tablets and the like.  


There are also these games that would challenge your brain on the levels that you haven't really tested before. It has been said that mobile games tend to get people in focus, think fast, and makes them think flexibly. With that said, playing games really doesn't simply help you relax, but it also develops your thinking, training your brain to be active and sharp and even helps you make decisions a lot quicker. If this is indeed the fact, then it can also be said that it prevents mental decay as well.